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Camp Jeanne d’Arc (pronounced “zhan dark”) offers an authentic summer camp experience for girls. Ask any camper what the best part about camp is and she will tell you, “Friends!”
规模 0 英亩
历史 已成立99年
年龄 8 - 16 岁
综合类  艺术类  运动类  
综合类  艺术类  运动类  


ABOUT CAMP & mission


We offer your daughter, between the ages of 7 and 16, the opportunity to enjoy an authentic summer camp experience where she will be challenged, but in a safe and nurturing environment.  She will make friends with girls from all around the world and right next door. She will be given an opportunity to try new things, go new places and learn that her good choices will lead to success. Developing self confidence is what Camp Jeanne d’Arc is all about.  Our campers bring their unique personalities, their strengths and their goals to make each summer a memorable adventure.



JDA is a summer camp where you will find new friends and try new things that you never dreamed of.   You’ll go waterskiing, sailing and canoeing, climb mountains and camp out under the stars. You’ll sing silly songs, play games in the rain, and be surprised by how much you can accomplish in one summer!  JDA is a welcoming place where everyone is accepted no matter who you are, or where you’re from.  We call that “Camp Spirit.”

Jeanne d’Arc’s staff and counselors are carefully selected and well-trained. Many are “old” Jeanne d’Arcers and all must possess a desire to work constructively with young girls, be good role models and have an activity skill they can teach. The overall staff-to-camper ratio is 1:3. In addition to the experience, certifications and training that the counselors bring with them to camp, we require a week long pre-camp orientation for the entire staff that includes additional training in health and safety, First Aid, CPR, and life-guarding.





JDA offers each camper an individual program based on her preferences. We call this a “modified choice” program The mornings are scheduled by the programmer so that the campers are grouped by skill level which is especially important in activities such as swimming, horseback riding, sailing and tennis. In the afternoons, the campers choose their own activities. This allows them to focus on a certain activity they are trying to improve in, such as archery, or to finish a project, for example, in art or camp craft. The afternoons are also a good time to choose “fun in the sun” with their best friend, or take a walk or go for a run to count towards a Milestone award. The mix of activities available for “Choice” changes every day and the opportunity to “go first” to pick the activities rotates between the younger and older campers each day.

While campers are generally scheduled for some activities by age and cabin group, individual skills and interests mean that each camper’s program is specific to her each day. For example, two girls in the same cabin my have only two activity periods together on any given day.


In the evenings we alternate between “Twilight Activities” which are chosen by the campers and team games or special events which are more group based. Almost every evening ends with “Campfire” where we gather, usually in the Hearth, but sometimes outside at one of our many outside fireplaces, to sing songs. Campfire is a treasured and memorable part of the JDA summer camp experience. It brings the whole camp together at the end of the day to wind down and feel connected.

After Campfire we all join together with hands crossed in one huge circle, which we call the Goodnight Circle. Then we sing one final song before we head back to our cabins for a good night’s rest. As the campers get ready for bed their Owl (one of the girls in the oldest cabin) delivers Milk and Cookies before bed.












It is all for LOVE.





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